Free Your Plate This Thanksgiving With The Help Of Anthony’s

We’ve only waited a whole year for the season of joy, warmth, and happiness to finally make its return. The best time of the year is finally here! Along with the excitement the holiday season brings, there’s loads of stress when preparing and planning the most epic holiday festivities. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, allow our premier laundromat to free your plate from a few pre and post-holiday chores.

Prepare With The Help Of Anthony’s

Between roasting the juiciest turkey and crafting the most mouthwatering side dishes, there’s so much to worry about  on the day of the ultimate feast. However, the most stressful prep begins before the big day even arrives. 

With so many loved ones joining around the table this year, you want your house to put its best foot forward. Between cleaning bedrooms and bathrooms, mopping, vacuuming, and wiping down every single surface, your home will have you busy for quite a few days. Here’s how we can help free you of the never-ending prep:

Toss Your Load To Us

While deep cleaning all cracks and crevices in your home; we’ve got the laundry room under control. Simply drop off your dirty, stinky laundry and return in hours to fresh, fluffed, and neatly folded clothes with our Wash & Fold service. Spend less time stressing over the mounds of smelly piles this year and more time perfecting your apple pie.

We Can Tackle Your Dining Room Table

It’s been a year since you’ve pulled out your seasonal Thanksgiving tablecloth and decorative napkins. They definitely need a good clean! Toss them in with your Wash & Fold load or simply wash them yourself with our Self-Service laundry machines. We’ll help you tackle the dining room table to allow you to focus more time on refining the dishes you set on it.

We’ll Give You A Hand With The Guest Room

With the inlaws coming into town, it’s crunch time to get the guest room looking and smelling the best it ever has. Our heavy-duty machines can handle up to 80 pounds! Toss your coziest comforters and softest sheets into our washers and dryers to complete it – all at once. 

We know prepping for the holiday season can bring a lot of stress! Allow us to offer you a helping hand in the process.

Restore With The Help Of Anthony’s

The last of the family has officially said their goodbyes. Though you’re sad to see them go, you can’t wait to return to normalcy. You shut the door to take a deep breath in the silence, and immediately you’re met with messes piled on top of messes. Don’t stress; restore your normal with the help of Anthony’s

The process is painless. Pile your dirty clothes, bedding, towels, and tablecloths, and head for our laundromat. Drop your basket with us, and we’ll take care of the rest! We’ll give you the option to pick up your fresh, folded laundry within the same day or allow time to swing by the following. We’ll work around your schedule to help you get back to your routine.

We’ve Got Your Back This Holiday Season

We’ll support you with the pre and post-Thanksgiving headaches to allow you to spend less time stressing this Thanksgiving and more time in the moment. Stop by our Sacramento location today! First-time customers can enjoy 20% off their first Wash & Fold service when using the code Save20. Anthony’s has your back this Thanksgiving!

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